Am i ready for SIE

I am scoring 83%, 85% for my practice quizzes but heard actual is way harder so im scared. the exam is tomorrow.
do you think im good to go

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Hi @Teri_Gorczany, our exams correlate very closely with actual exam scores, typically within a couple of points. If you’re consistently scoring in the mid-80s on our exams and are taking them honestly, you’re in a strong position for the actual exam.

I reviewed your account, and while you’re doing well, you should keep studying and finish strong. I see your 83% and 85% scores, but just a few days before, you scored a 65%. There are thousands of possible questions you might see and only 75 graded questions, so there is a natural element of randomness - you need to see as many questions as possible to identify and correct weak areas.

Also essential - make sure you’re carefully reviewing your practice exams. I can see you typically only spend a few minutes afterward reviewing - this isn’t enough, and you should be spending a few hours going through everything missed or guessed. Without a focused review of your mistakes, you’ll continue to get the same concepts wrong again and again!