Advice Series 7 Study Plan


I’ve been working through two programs Achievable and Kaplan as instructed by my broker. I was working through the Kaplan OnDemand videos/program and was more than 50% done with it when my broker said, “We are putting you in the Live online class with Mark Esposito.” As a result, I have been in kind of a limbo period because the on demand videos were cancelled off of my Kaplan account and now I’m back to using Achievable full time until my live class begins on July 25th- July 27th. I understand that I am working with your competitors but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask for your advice on how to continue my studies. My scheduled exam date is August 22nd and I plan on finishing my achievable program but if you take a look at my account, it’s obvious that I’m behind on my review questions. Should I restart Achievable or just continue with it and start answering review questions ASAP?

Side note: I did finish “Yield 3.3” section but it refuses to drop off. Mind taking a look at that as well please?

Thank you very much for your feedback

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Hi @Resonant_brown_cobra, thanks for posting!

Achievable learns more about your knowledge as you study with us, so I would recommend against resetting your progress. If the review question workload is too high, you can always filter them by clicking on the icon in the top right of the quiz session overview screen. You also don’t need to go through every single question - it’s totally fine to just continue making your way through the content and focusing on the new chapter quizzes.

I’d assume that your live Kaplan class will be fairly comprehensive, and if your broker is requiring it, that’s probably the best place to focus. In this case, it might be best to consider Achievable a supplement and just use it however you feel is most effective for you. If you prefer our reading material, then feel free to go as far along as you’d like. There’s certainly nothing wrong with studying more and learning the material ahead of your class. If you’re just using us for extra practice questions and exams, that’s totally fine too!

Re: the yield chapter - we consolidated some sections and I bet it’s asking you to complete a page that we deleted. I’ve created a ticket to look into it! If you recreate your study plan I believe it will work around the issue.

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@Justin Thank you for the feedback. I will use Achievable as a supplement but really enjoy how easy it is to read and power through versus Kaplan. Concerning the Yield chapter, I reset my study plan this morning and it is still stuck on that chapter. I will wait to see if it will be resolved in time. Thank you!

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@Resonant_brown_cobra I took a look at your account and everything looks normal!

I believe the reason “Yield” wasn’t marked as complete was that you didn’t take the new quiz - that’s what marks the chapters as completed. If you don’t feel like answering all the questions, you can just exit out right after clicking the button and it will still be marked as complete.

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I ended up taking the quiz again since that could only benefit me. As a result, it dropped off just like you said. I appreciate all the help and keep up the great work.

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