Advice for the last week of my SIE preparation

Hey guys! I am taking my SIE this Friday and am wondering what yall suggest to do for the last few days. I have taken 5+ practice tests, but am scoring in the low-mid 70s each time. I am taking notes on the questions that I missed on the exams, but I still cant break the mid-70s hump. Any pointers?

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Hi @Bold_coffee_bovid! I would suggest continuing to focus on practice exams.

I trust that you are taking notes on the questions you’ve missed, but I do want to emphasize how important that is. Taking the exams will only prepare you halfway since you still need to go back and re-learn the material that you missed or guessed.

If you have the time, I’d recommend taking a practice exam each day. Take it fully focused just like you would on the real exam. Then, give yourself a ~30min break to clear your head, and come back to review. Go question by question through the results, and if there was anything that you were unsure of, go re-read that material in the text to ensure you’ll get it correct the next time.

Remember that answering a question incorrectly means there are two things to study: 1) the question and the correct choice, and 2) what was missing in your knowledge of the incorrect choice. It’s easy to only focus on the question itself, but remember to study the distractors also.

You’re at the finish line, just do your best to stay strong through the end! If you have any last-minute questions, please feel free to reach out.

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