Advanages/disadvantages of debt/equity financing IMPOSSIBLE?

Am I the only one to find the verbiage of these questions and answers so tricky and nuanced that it’s impossible to distinguish? I have probably come across ten of these quiz questions so far and have not gotten a single one correct so far!!! I understand the underlying concept but I cannot crack the nuance of the question wording.

Hi! They definitely are tricky… but we want you to be prepared for similar language on the real exam.

One thing that helps is to narrow down the choices based on the choices themselves, without even looking at the prompt.

Often you’ll have answer choices that are essentially the same point but worded oppositely. In this case, it’s very likely that neither of these would be correct for a standard multiple-choice question where you can only choose one answer.

Stockholders are given voting power
Bondholders are not given voting power

Along the same lines, if you have two very similar choices, there’s a good chance that one of the two is the correct choice.

Stockholders are given voting power
Bondholders are given voting power

It definitely takes some time to get the knack of the wording, but if you stick in there and carefully review the questions when you get them wrong, it’ll start to come to you.