Add more features to Practice exams area

Hi there!

I think Screenshot #1, it would be great to be able to click on the topic where it is highlighted in red. This will allow me to go to the particular question and see why I got it wrong. For example, If i click on “Corporate Debt” it will take me to the questions in that topic.

I wouldn’t know what question is relating to Corporate debt if I click on the “Jump” button. Of course, it’s another way to see what questions I’ve got wrong.

Lastly, it would be nice to be able to go back to screenshot #1 instead of exiting out to the dashboard. For me to go back to screenshot #1, I had to exit out to the dashboard through “jump” and click on “review” on the practice exam area.

Thanks for updating the Practice Exam area! :slight_smile:

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Hey @FoxMcCloud, thanks for these suggestions!

I can see how being able to see which questions belong to which categories would be helpful when reviewing the content, and I’ve added this feature request to our backlog.

This one is hidden in plain sight! Instead of going Jump → Exit in the bottom left, you can go Jump → Summary in the bottom right.


I am finding that I am getting the same basic question over and over again in the quiz for one area (bonds, in this case). It would be great if the system could limit that situation or space similar questions out so that it is more clearly a chance to think something through instead of having them back-to-back. Thanks!

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Hi @Great_crimson_wolf,

Have you been answering the question correctly? Our algorithms do space questions out depending on your prior responses. If you’ve answered it incorrectly, you’ll see it much more frequently in order to drill that material into your mind.

If you feel something is off with the scheduling algorithm and you’re seeing the same question often while consistently getting it correct, I’d be happy to take a look! Just sent me the shareable quiz link (by clicking on the quiz id code in the top right) and I’ll investigate.

Hey Justin,

Yes, actually. I was having only the first chapter come up as questions, and even though I kept answering the same question correctly, I kept getting more questions that were basically the same question with the same answer, as though there were no other types of common stock questions.

Thanks for your response!

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Hi @Great_crimson_wolf, I took a look at your account to see if I noticed anything unusual.

It looks like you only took 61 quizzes so far, with 51 correct and 10 incorrect. Out of all these quizzes, there were only two questions that you saw multiple times.

I think it may be that the questions feel similar although they are actually testing slightly different things!

If I see it again, Justin, I’ll get you the “proof”. I think Achievable is really great. Oh! By the way, do you want to know about typos in the material?

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Thank you, and yes, definitely!

If you see anything that looks out of place, any typos or anything you feel could be explained better, please send it my way. We strive to have the best course and we’re constantly making improvements to our materials!

Brilliant! Here are a couple. The words with hyphens next to them should be removed. Cheers, Justin!


Selling short securities is a risky move, but it provides investors with a way to make money in a falling market. Only the most sophisticated (knowledgeable and wealthy) investors that should consider selling short.


If ~~the~~ any aspects of the tender offer change (e.g. the tender price), the offer must be extended by another 10 business days .

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Thank you, I’ve just fixed these typos!

Here’s another issue. When (I don’t know his name - Brandon?) the videos play and he suggests that we pause the video to read it and try to solve it first, there is a logo that covers up most of the question. See the attached.

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In Puttable bonds, the first sentence is lacking an “a”.

A put feature is similar to [a] call feature, except for who controls it. If a bond is puttable , it allows the bondholder to sell the bond back to the issuer for its par value prior to maturity. Puttable bonds are attractive to investors, especially if interest rates rise.

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Noted! I think this is part of the video player and we won’t be able to change it, but I’ll look into this. If you expand the video to full screen by clicking on the icon in the bottom right of the player, it should be less obtrusive.

I fixed this typo, thank you!

In Bond Issuance Format:


Provides trading information for a security

  • For example:
    • ABC stock trades at $150
    • XYZ bond trades at 105
    • Municipal bond trades a 4% yield [should this be “at” instead of “a”?]
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The logo does not go away even if I expand. Just an fyi. And I’ve created a lot of videos - I know that this can be made smaller and moved - it just depends on who is creating the videos and what programs they’re using and how much they know about this kind of thing. I am working around it with a snipping tool which freezes it at the time I want it to: before logo.

I’ve updated this, thanks.

The logo in the top left is actually part of the video player and not the video itself, which is why I don’t believe we can change it. I’ve looked in the player configuration options but unfortunately it doesn’t seem like they offer that sort of customization. Using a different video player would be a possible solution, but moving all our content to a different vendor would be a big effort that we can’t take on at this time.

Are you not able to do this?


This can be accessed under Vimeo’s setting.

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Thank you! You’re right - not sure how I missed this the first time… maybe they recently added these additional customization options.

We previously had it set to “Let users decide” which apparently shows the logo and title by default, but it does appear I can turn it off. So I’ll go through them all and do that Done! :slight_smile:

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:grinning: That made things a great deal better.

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