Achievable Series 7 course development status

Municipal debt questions are live!

US government debt text is live!

US government debt questions are live~~

Investment companies text is live!

Investment companies questions are live now as well.

Alternative pooled investments text is live!

Alternative pooled investments questions are live~

We are well past the halfway mark now! We still have a few more chapters coming, but if you go by the exam weighting, we’d estimate that we have around 80% of the material covered at this point.

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Taxes text is live!

Taxes questions are now live~

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Is there a section with margin requirements that makes you figure out how different things affect SMA?
I am having trouble learning it

We’ll be including this information in the Brokerage accounts section, which isn’t live yet. We’ll have it up soon!

Primary market text is up!

Primary market questions are up as well.

Secondary market text is up!

Secondary market questions are up~

Brokerage accounts text is up!

@Test here’s the chapter on SMA

Brokerage accounts questions are live~~

Retirement and education plans text is live:

And so is rules and ethics:

And with that, our Series 7 textbook is complete! :boom:

Just need to finish the questions for these two chapters and put a bow on it - the finish line is within arm’s reach.


It took a couple of days longer than we planned, but we now have a robust set of questions for retirement and education plans as well as rules and ethics. That wraps up all the questions!

There’s still a bit of cleanup we need to do, like weighting the practice exams properly and writing chapter summaries, but we are very, very close to our official launch :smiley:

Chapter summaries and weightings are now in, so the course is now complete! :champagne:

A big thanks to everyone who provided feedback~