Achievable Series 7 course development status

Our Series 7 course is live!

Check it out - Achievable

Hey folks,

We’re currently building out our Series 7 program, and we’re offering a substantial 50% off discount for anyone who wants to sign up in this “early access” period (so that’s down to $74 from $149). Anyone who has already purchased will get full access to all the new course content as we launch it. Once the course is complete we’ll also reset your access window, giving you a full year of access from that point. Buy now and take advantage of the lower price!

I’ll use this thread to post any updates on the our development of the Achievable Series 7. I’ll try to keep this summary at the top here updated as well as posting incremental updates. You can use the notification settings built into this forum to control how you get updates.

We’re doing our best to stick close to the schedule; please bear with us if we’re off by a bit!

Live in the product

Common stock - textbook & questions
Preferred stock - textbook & questions
Bond fundamentals - textbook & questions
Corporate debt - textbook & questions
Municipal debt text - textbook & questions
US government debt - textbook & questions
Investment companies - textbook & questions
Alternative pooled investments - textbook & questions
Options - textbook & questions
Taxes - textbook & questions
Primary market - textbook & questions
Secondary market - textbook & questions
Brokerage accounts - textbook & questions
Retirement plans - textbook & questions
Rules and ethics - textbook & questions

Estimated date for everything to be live

It’s live :slight_smile:

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Our first chapter is always totally free - jump into the content!

Preferred stock text should be up in a few days as well.

Aiming to release common stock and preferred stock questions by the end of the week.

Common stock questions have been added.

Preferred stock text is ready to go!

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Hey folks, I just updated the post above with a more detailed estimated timeline including dates for each of the chapters - take a look. We should have a new chapter live and ready to go every five days or so from now through the end of July.

Preferred stock questions are live~

Good schedule…fits my learning objectives…but will need to pass series 63 first (STC version).

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Great, glad to have you on board for our 7! We are planning to produce a program for the 63, but it’s definitely a ways out; STC is a great choice for anything we don’t offer.

Bond fundamentals text is live~

Thanks for making this available! Looking forward to studying.

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You’re very welcome; if you have any questions or feedback please let me know!

Bond fundamentals questions have been added~

Corporate debt text is done!

Corporate debt questions are now live as well.

Municipal debt text is live!

Taking my test next week, can I sign up for content you currently have available for a prorated price to your prorated price?

Hey Missy, thanks for posting. Happy to work something out; I’ll send you an email momentarily.