Achievable PracticeTest vs FINRA Practice Test

So I took a practice exam on Achievable (here) and got a 72 then I went and took one on FINRA’s site and got a 54. The wording was different there and seemed more difficult then the material covered here. Got me a little worried.

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Hi @rcots24, welcome, and thanks for posting!

Overall, our practice exam scores correlate extremely closely with the ones people get on the actual FINRA ones. People do tend to score a bit lower on that mock practice exam though, most likely because they’ve gotten accustomed to our question style and are cutting corners by answering too quickly and not fully thinking through the questions. We’re confident that all of the material is covered thoroughly as we’ve combed through FINRA’s content outline many times, and we continually update our material as we learn about shifts in the test focus.

So, if the wording is tripping you up, the best advice I can give is to slow down! I see you’re racing through our practice exams in less than half the allotted time - if you have extra time left over, you should use that time to review your choices and ensure you didn’t misread or make any careless mistakes. The concepts are the same regardless of how the questions are asked. Every question has a goal of testing some piece of knowledge, and it’s just a matter of taking the time to read it carefully and understand what it is that they’re looking for.


I took my sie for the second time today and failed worse than the 1st time, ive studied for hours and read taken niotes done exhaustive number of practice tests… this exam however had questions on material I do not ever recall even seeing. Has anyone else had this same experience? if so please help

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Hi @Direct_maroon_termit, I’m really sorry to hear that. Looking at your account I see you only took two practice tests recently, scoring a 51% and a 39%. The passing score for the SIE is 70% and exam day is naturally stressful, so we recommend that people score in the mid-80s to feel well-prepared.

Do you recall any of the topics that you struggled with? I’m positive we cover everything, but if you feel otherwise, I will certainly double-check.

Im not sure where you are seeing those statistics bevause on my end I have taken tons of practice tests.