ACHIEVABLE Final exams vs Practice Exams series 7

Hi!! Is there any difference between the practice exams and the final exams on Achievable?

I noticed I have two final exams and a bunch of practice exams. Are the final exams harder?



Hi @Clifton_Quitzon, good question!

Yes, while the Final exams and the Full practice exams are all weighted similarly to the real exam, the questions on the Final exams have been hand-selected by our instructors, and they are a bit more challenging. They specifically test the most important concepts on the exams; each curated exam is a great tool/resource to use to determine if you’re really ready.

Additionally, the Final exams are designed to be taken only one time each since the questions are curated. In contrast, the Full practice exams are semi-randomized, giving you a different selection of questions on each take, so you can take as many as you’d like.

Thanks! I know you said they should be taken once, but I already took both of mine and want to redo one of them at least once. If I redo one of the final exams will I get a different set of questions?

Thank you!

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The questions on the Final exams (not the Full exams) are hand-selected by our instructors - you could retake them, but you’ll see the same questions again! If you don’t get 100% on your second take, it means you didn’t spend enough time reviewing your mistakes :wink:

Is there a measure of relative difficulty for the Final exams vs the Full Exams? I didn’t realize how different they’d be until I read this post and I got an 80 on Final Exam A. Wasn’t sure how it measures up to the Full Exam.

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Hi @Warren_Prosacco, we do our best to ensure all our exams have similar difficulty and questions compared to the real ones. The “Final” exams are just a bit more challenging since our team specifically selected these questions to ensure a deep understanding of the material!