Accidentally changed exam date

my plan was set perfectly and now i accidentally switched it and it is giving me way more to read even though I extended it. and now when I put it back it is completely different

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Hi @Holy_cyan_marten, thanks for reaching out! Sounds like I addressed your questions when you called in, but to briefly summarize for anyone else reading this:

  • There is a fixed amount of content to complete the course
  • If you change your exam date, it will reallocate any not-yet-completed content in the remaining time
  • If you have less time until your exam date, each day will essentially have a higher workload
  • The planner mostly will divide your time evenly, but frontloads slightly so ensure you get through everything if life gets in the way and you slip a little

Please let me know if there’s anything I can clarify further!

Thanks! Also I’m regards to review questions, do you recommend doing them all as best you can? Sometimes there’s 200+ For one day

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Yep! I know there are a lot, and they will continue to build up, but it’s good to do as many as you can.

If you feel yourself losing focus, definitely stop and take a break though.

Doing a few questions here and there throughout the day on your phone will have a big overall impact and is a great way to help manage the workload!

thanks! yeah so far my method has been to break my reading and review questions into parts. usually review questions morning, read mid day, more review at night. breaks in between

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