94% readiness - still failed Series 63

The questions in the exam were not even remotely close to the material provided on achievable. I got 70%. Anyone else with this issue? I’ll for sure be getting a new study guide.

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I’m really sorry to hear that. I reviewed your account and noticed two adjustments to your studying that will significantly help as you prepare for a retake.

First, you’re going through the exams extremely quickly, spending less than half the allotted time. You spent less than a second on some of the questions, which indicates that you’re jumping directly to a choice you recognize rather than thoughtfully considering and selecting the best choice. Since the Series 63 is very situation-based and a single word can dramatically change the result of the question, it’s essential to read carefully to understand the nuance of each scenario.

Second, it’s critical to review your practice exams after you’ve taken them. It looks like you’ve spent less than a minute for two and only about twenty minutes on the others. Spending a significant amount of time to carefully review and learn from your mistakes is essential - it helps you uncover weaker areas, so you can review these in the text, fill in gaps in your knowledge, and master these to get them correct on your next take.

Since this is specific to your account, please contact us directly at support@achievable.me and we can discuss next steps. Even if you decide to use other materials, we’re still here to support you as you prepare for a retake.