68% on SIE on first try

Took my first go at the SIE today and ended up with a 68% on it. I could tell the questions that were experimental but the thing that threw me off the most was the change up in verbiage. Even after reading multiple times it as a still a handful of questions that threw me completely off. Pretty sure im not the only one though but only 30 more days to take it again.

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Hi @Howard_Kuhn, I’m sorry to hear that you were so close, but the good news is you are very close and it’s likely you’ll pass on your next take.

I looked at your account to see if I have any advice, and it looks like you’re on the right track. I see you’ve skimmed over a few chapters but have read most of our content, and it’s great that you’ve taken a lot of practice exams. I’d recommend you spend a bit more time reviewing the exams after you’ve taken them - it’s that focused review that helps you identify your weak areas and improve for next time.

I noticed that you went pretty far over the time limit on your last few practice exams - was the timing of the exam a challenge when you sat for the actual one?

Yeah I still have the review sheets from all the practice test & go over those on the regular. I was over on time for some tests due to work conflicts, so time was off but it wasn’t an issue during the actual test. I think I should be fine the next go around. I know what to expect as well.

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I am a medical professional and I am also an Insurance agent. I have taken state boards with information that is far more difficult then SIE exam. Finra SIE exam is fairly new and I failed it as well on my first try. I received scored 65%. Never have I failed an exam. They don’t know how to word these questions and they try to hard to throw you off. This needs to be called to their attention. I took four different practice exams online several times and passed each one with no less than 85%. Finra is not as important as my medical exams but their content is not straight forward and very deceptive in my opinion. Its like this " You study the important features of an ant. They are small, some are brown red or black. They are hard workers and they work as a team. Finra’s ? " What color are ants eyes?" This is how their questions are. You study the important features of securities and they ask questions so insignificant.


Thats a very accurate assessment. It was pretty much a 180 in verbiage which in my head made zero sense. Why completely such a simple thing as the verbiage which is at the core/base should be the same across the board.

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