64% on Series 7

Hello, on my third attempt I scored a 64% on the S7 and didn’t quite get the pass I could use some advice. I am so close to the 72%. Is there anything additional you would recommend to reach the pass? I really thought this third time I had the pass and it’s disappointing but I am not giving up. Going to rest my brain for now.

Also, as far as my FINRA score breakdown my overall score improved from my second attempt but the score breakdown is showing I did worse in each function, is that common?

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Hi, welcome to Achievable! Many of our customers have tried other materials first, found our materials easier to understand, and passed their first try with us.

We have a free trial built into our platform and you can read a few pages for free; I’d encourage you to poke around and view some of the harder chapters to see if our material is a better fit.

I don’t think you should put much weight into the FINRA score breakdown—it’s too broad to do much with. It’s also unusual that the components decreased, but I wouldn’t worry about it.

In this situation where you’re already close, we typically recommend that people start with our practice exams to better understand strengths/weaknesses since we break down the material in more detail by chapter. Then you can study just those topics to have the most impact on your final score to get you across the finish line!

Thank you Justin! I will be sure to look into your program and practice tests. Does achievable offer assistance with concept questions over the phone versus typing our questions in the forum?


The best way to reach out if using the feedback buttons all over the site, since they’ll automatically send us additional information about the specific questions/content you’re viewing behind the scenes.

But yes, you can also reach out by phone or text!

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Please keep using Achievable’s tests and reviewing your wrong answers. I am not an employee of theirs, but I know their method is amazing and really works. I would also reccomend paying the $120 dollars to go to Test Geek Exam Prep, LLC and getting the video course for the Series 7 (with options included) to use alongside this. He will present the material in a different, (although similarly easy to understand) manner and was key to me passing my Series 7 the first time in tandem with Achievable. You’ve got this!