3D Geometry Question

Hello, I am needing help understanding the 3-D diagonal question. So, in the answer explanation, it talks about having to use the Pythagorean theorem twice and I am having a hard time visualizing the two different triangles we are using to find the length of line AB.

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Hi @Hannah_Z!

Is this the question? You can click the ID code in the top right of the quiz to copy a shareable URL.


Here’s the same image mocked up with the two triangles, and naming the bottom right point “D”.

The orange triangle is on the bottom face of the cube, and the blue triangle cuts through the inside of the cube.

Hope this helps to clarify it! Let me know if I can explain further.

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Hi Justin, yes this is the question! Thank you so much, I could not visualize the triangles but now that you colored them in, I totally get it.

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