3 days away from taking test

I’m currently 3 days out from taking the Sie. I originally started with pass perfect but had a really hard time understanding the material. So I switched to achievable. I feel like I have a better under standing now and have been scoring around 85%,86% on the finals. I also took the Finra practice test and got about an 85% as well. I went back to pass perfect to see if I could get a better score and am still scoring the same 65-67%. Should I be concerned? What else can I do to ensure the best outcome on the real test ?


Hi @keanna, thanks for posting.

We get versions of this question pretty frequently, and there are a few key reasons. One is that we try to make our practice exams similar to the real one, whereas other vendors tend to make theirs a little more difficult. It’s also very common to see scores drop a bit when using a different course; we hear this often in the opposite direction too. Additionally, FINRA exam difficulty is randomized, so it’s luck of the draw if you get an easier or harder one, but in all cases, the scores are scaled and normalized.

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My advice is to take another practice exam or two each day, and then carefully review all missed or guessed questions so you can ensure you get those right on the real exam. And then make sure to get a good night’s rest before the exam so you can go in with a clear and focused mind.

It sounds like you’re in a good position to pass if you keep at it; let us know how it goes!

Hope this helps!



I passed!

My test was very general! I liked this program a lot. It was just what I needed honestly. I read the entire book before attempting any finals or practice questions(this might not be ideal) but it helped me. Took me about two weeks to read through it. For the sections I was struggling on such as debt and options. I used the practice questions and did as many of those as I could to really try and get a better understanding. This program does not over complicate things. When taking the test I was able to easily identify the correct answer for most questions. I finished the test and had about 30 minutes remaining.So I went back to double check the questions I was second guessing myself on. But I probably only changed one answer. I took about 40 finals overall. As I got closer to the final I took two finals a day. The only thing I calculated were stock splits other than that I did not use a calculator. Overall I’m glad it’s over and I can breathe for a few days before I start studying for the series 7.

Thank you all again!!!

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Congrats on your pass! And thanks for sharing your feedback - it’s really helpful for us to see to understand how we can improve our courses, as well as for other learners to get a sense of how best to prepare and what to expect.

Looking forward to seeing you for the 7, definitely good to take a little breather first :slight_smile: