100 questions review?

Hi there!

I completed all the memory quizzes last night (sunday night) and finished all of them. I usually started studying after work around 4 pm. I usually do the memory quizzes after i complete the sections.

But whenever I logged into the Achievable website, I usually have 100+ Memory quizzes questions waiting for me to complete.

Why is that? Last night, I completed everything and left all the memory quizzes questions to 0 because I don’t want the questions to pile up.

It’s quite tiring because I’d like to read the chapters and then do the memory quizzes. I am trying to have less workload. But at this rate, I am trying to read more chapters and do memory quizzes because I can’t seem to lessen the workload. If I do the questions, I won’t have time to read the chapters. So, it’s a trade-off.

I know that I am supposed to do the memory quizzes questions after reading the chapter but I am unable to do that when I have 100+ Memory quiz questions waiting to answer once i log in.

I am just confused why is it that I have over 50-100 questions waiting for me when I have completed all of them the previous day.

Seems like the algorithm suggested that the questions be ready for review after 12am? Did it somehow pile up after midnight until i logged in at 4 pm?

What can I do to lessen the workload so that I can answer questions after reading the chapter? Because i know I’ll have more questions waiting for me if I click “complete”. :cold_sweat:

I thought i’ll do the memory quiz after reading chapter but the algorithm is telling me to do the quizzes first. :tired_face:


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Hey @FoxMcCloud,

The short answer is that it’s an uphill battle, and there’s no trick to it other than putting in the time. People these days tend to recommend around 50 hours of studying for the SIE… and the recommendation used to be 50-100. Achievable is a very time-efficient course due to our adaptive learning platform and our personalization - our average study time tends to be closer to 25 hours (and since we’ve been advertising that, our competitors have started to lower their recommendations ^_^).

But, that’s still quite a lot of time! The breakdown ends up being something like 20% reading, 20% practice exams, and 60% review quizzes. For most people the quizzes are by far the largest component of studying, much more than the reading material, as they are crucial to ensure you retain the core information.

Your brain never stops forgetting, even when you’re asleep. We recognize that it’s tough when you do a ton of work, and then come back the next day to find more, but that’s just the way it is. It’s a fine balance for us between the way memory actually works and what is most effective from a learning theory standpoint, and what makes the best study experience for real-world learners. Currently, our system prioritizes content with the lowest retention because as a whole, the thing that will increase study time the most is needing to relearn content you’ve already studied.

I appreciate you writing in with this feedback, as it’s always helpful for us to get a sense of when the program is “too much”. In the short term, it’s unlikely that we’ll change our core learning engine algorithms since they’ve been heavily tested and statistically proven to be effective.

However, we also want our study experience to be flexible and work for everyone, so I can give you some tips to manage the workload yourself. The biggest tip is to use topic filtering in the quiz session options. Right after you click the “Review” button to get to the “Session options” screen, there is an icon of control sliders in the top right. That icon will take you to a screen where you can limit your quiz to particular topics.

So, if you feel you have the earlier topics under control but the system is still prioritizing those quizzes, you can “Complete” a new topic and then filter your next review session to just the questions for that new topic.

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I will try your recommendation because i feel that i got my earlier topics under control.

Need to relearn few topics that i’ve been weak on.

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