Understanding Achievable testing system: strength?

Hi, what does the Strengh percentage shown in the Memory Progress section measure? It does not appear to be the % of answers correct in quizzes to date.

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Hi @prof, good question!

The memory strength percentage is a proprietary measure that our adaptive learning system uses internally as it tracks your mastery of the material. It’s correlated with your answers, but there’s a lot more that goes into it. I’d actually love to share how it works but that’s one of our secrets that makes Achievable so much more effective than other programs :slight_smile:

Aside from broadly saying that a higher percentage is better and that it’s motivating to see it increase as you study, it really isn’t a meaningful stat as a learner. We’re in the process of redesigning our site and we’re going to be replacing it with a clearer way to track your progress. On the same subject, we’re also giving the “Upcoming workload” chart a major overhaul.

So basically - don’t worry about it! It’s better to focus on keeping your “ready” item count as low as possible.

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