Trouble with Calls and Puts

Really having a tough time with Calls and Puts. From someone who has taken the exam, how many questions (roughly) could there be on calls and puts. I’m still studying it, but don’t want to waste all my time on just one little section either…

Hey @Scottyswans, thanks for posting.

Options tend to be fairly heavily tested, but it is really just luck of the draw whether you’ll see them on your test or not. Some people tell us they’ve gotten as many as 10 questions on it, while others only get 1 or 2.

Maybe move on to the next section and then come back and revisit options?

That’s the plan. Thanks for reaching out.

Good question, @Scottyswans. Options are definitely not easy, but good news… you’re probably not going to see a significant amount of questions on them. However, there will probably be enough to put some effort into understanding them. FINRA placed 4 options-related questions on their SIE practice exam, which serves as a good indicator as to how many questions could appear on an average exam.

While there’s no way to know what you’ll actually see on the exam, I’d expect most test takers to be given 3-5 options questions. This would represent roughly 3-7% of your exam score.

Hopefully this helps! Good luck with your studies!

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