Sie Study plan has a technical error

Hi there! I am studying for a retake of the sie on june 3. The dashboard has me going from 4.3 to 5.1 without covering the rest of chapter 4. Am I doing something wrong? Is it suggesting I dont need to cover that?

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Hi! I reviewed your account and everything looks ok to me - it seems the gap in your study plan is because you’ve been skipping around and already did those chapters!

Oh! So even if I click on those chapters (without reading them) t reads it as “read” and skips over?

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Not quite - we know many people skip around, so nothing is automatically completed just by reading.

It’s taking the quiz at the end of the chapter that marks it as complete!

Okay so it will jump from 7-9chapter and it really throws me off. Is there anyway to fix that? I am taking the sie on june 3rd so I cant figure out if i am going too slow or???

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You’re doing ok - just make sure you read all the content!

The study plan is showing those sections as unread because you haven’t gone through them yet. If you are using other materials or feel you already know those concepts, you don’t need to read them, but at least take the quiz at the end. This’ll give you the chance to test your knowledge, and it’ll mark them off in the study plan.

Also, make sure you’re taking your time to thoughtfully answer your practice exams - it looks like you’re racing through them in less than 1/3 the time. The goal is to use them as a study tool to improve your knowledge and identify weak areas - not to just finish them. After you’ve taken one, spend a few hours carefully reviewing it, otherwise you’ll make the same mistakes again!

I noticed that regarding tests. Good call out.

But the sections are showing skipped tho so thats what I am curious about.

I need to study chapter 8 but it jumps from 7-9 so I am a bit confused

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Hi @Erin_Hilll, are you studying in multiple windows? If so, if you close the ones you have currently open and open a new one, it’ll pick up on your most recent progress. Our activity logs show you went through Chapter 8 on 3/27 and 3/28.

ahhhhh okay I see that. yeah I restarted the program.

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