SIE Study Guide Questions

First of all, love the format, information, etc,

I do have two questions after my first few days…

#1. Do I need to take the memory quizzes after I read each topic page, or do I need to wait and take the memory quizzes after I have completed the entire chapter??

  1. If I want to start over from the beginning of the textbook, can I reset all of my progress, etc and start all over again??

Thank You for any info on these topics!

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Hi @Petty, welcome!

We suggest that you take the memory quizzes right after you read each topic page. This helps break it down into smaller pieces, letting you test your understanding right away and helping to lock in that new knowledge.

We’ve designed Achievable to be flexible so you can use it in the way that works best for you. If you’d prefer to do them in a bigger batch at the end of the chapter, that’s fine too.

There is currently no way for you to “uncomplete” chapters or reset your progress through the site. We can do this for you manually if you need it, just send us a note at so the request is tracked for our team.

Okay, awesome! That answers my questions!

Don’t need to reset anything… Just curious for when I get through the first time, thought about doing it again before I take the final test…

Thank You for the Info!!

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