Sie Practice question

Hi, so for question 4BMWW-89GQF
it gives the wrong answer 800x1.67 is actually 1,336 not 1,333 I believe its a typo , but I could be wrong.

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Hi, thanks for reaching out!

You’re right, this is due to rounding. The root cause is that 5/3 = 1.6666666666666666 and not 1.67. In the real world, transactions are conducted with the highest precision possible and then rounded at the very end. However, showing this high precision makes the explanation very difficult to read, so we often round it, but sometimes that does result in the math being slightly off.

You can rest assured that the exams (both our practice ones and the real FINRA one) won’t have “gotchas” when it comes to rounding. If your result is very close to one of the choices, you can just choose that nearest one. The questions won’t have choices so close that rounding makes a difference.…

Thank you so much !!! Just Wanted to make sure it wasnt a typo !

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