Series 7 Study help

Hi friends!

I am studying for the series 7 and plan to take it January 20th. I’ve had some serious life events, and made it through the reading but fell way behind on the reviews (1360), and I am not sure how great my retention is at this point. I am trying to make a game plan for the time I have left. Should I work on the review for a couple days, and then go to the practice test? Should I try to read the material again. Hire a tutor? Lol I really am not sure where to go from here. I passed the SIE recently and feel like I know that information well. It’s just the new information… Any advice is appreciated.

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Hi @Integrated_brown_jag, thanks for reaching out!

If you’ve already gone through the reading material, my suggestion is to just go straight into a practice test. After you’ve taken it you’ll get a breakdown by chapter, and you can use that as a guide on what to do next. If you’re pretty strong overall but just have a few chapters that are weaker, you can save a lot of time by just re-reading and taking the quizzes for those chapters only.

Hiring a tutor is helpful if you have a specific area that you’re getting stuck on and could benefit from a different way of explaining the material, but it isn’t something we would generally recommend if you’re just getting back into the course.

If you think you understand the material well enough but are just forgetting it because it’s been a while, a tutor probably isn’t your primary need. That would be great for better understanding topics you struggle with.

It sounds more like you just need to briefly review everything. I too have had extenuating circumstances that have postponed my planned exam date. I’ve been reading all the chapter highlights at the bottom of every page. It’s a breeze to get through what I remember for most stuff, but also a good reminder of some specifics that I learned months ago. For anything that doesn’t seem completely familiar I just scroll up and read the text again.

I’ve been doing this along with practice exams. Those should be your primary focus and best indicator of readiness.

Good Luck! Life happens but keep at it.

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