Series 7 best practices

What is the recommended point to review when going through the text? I know the review dashboard gives ‘times’ but is it best to do some review after each chapter, or after 2 sections, etc? Thanks!

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Hi @Jen! We recommend that folks review questions immediately after reading each page to reinforce that material right away. If you already have some experience, it’s alright to read several pages and then do a bigger review session. The idea is that answering questions is a more active learning activity and will have a big impact on strengthening your memory. You especially want to do an initial review quiz pretty soon after you’ve read it.

The “Upcoming Workload” widget in the dashboard is there to help you plan your schedule rather than ask you to study every hour that new questions come available. If you’re looking at that chart and see many things coming active on Monday, you could set aside some extra time to review that night.

For any of the FINRA exams, our recommended way to study is:

  1. Read a page or two of the textbook
  2. Hit the “Complete” button to mark it on your progress chart and be assigned the quizzes
  3. Go back to your dashboard and take the “Review” quizzes for those pages
  4. Repeat 1-3 until you make your way through the entire textbook
  5. Take practice exams until you’re scoring in the 80s or higher to give yourself a buffer

That said, we’ve designed Achievable to be flexible and you can use it however best suits you. Some people like to customize their quiz sessions and only focus on certain topics, and some people prefer to focus primarily on practice exams and mostly skip the text and quizzes. We’re here to support you however you’d like to study.

That is very helpful, thank you!

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