Reset Series 7 Review Questions?

I am in Florida and due to the hurricane, I haven’t been able to keep up with the review questions. I‘ve kept up with the reading, but am overwhelmed by the amount of review questions that have built up. Is it possible to reset those to 0 (currently at about 550), but keep my review progress at the same time?

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Hi @Dizzy_cyan_newt, sorry to hear you’ve been impacted by the hurricane but glad you’re safe!

Since the review questions are tied to your memory strength (which unfortunately continues to decay regardless of anything else going on in the world) there isn’t really any way to reset these aside from completely wiping all progress.

One suggestion to give yourself a sense of progress is to filter your review session by clicking the icon of control sliders in the top right of the quiz start screen. This will let you limit the chapters and you could just go from chapter to chapter in order, though naturally, you’ll start to see those questions again in your review queue soon depending on how well you’ve done.

It’s also helpful to do as many questions as you can on your phone (by visiting in your phone’s web browser) - doing 5 or 10 questions here and there when you have a moment really adds up to a lot of additional study time!

Hello Justin, thank you for the suggestions. I will try a few review questions throughout the day and try not to be too overwhelmed by the amount at the point.

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