Renewing my Achievable plan?


I signed up for Achievable in April 2021 and will still be needing it after April of this year (I’m a busy woman… and a slow learner).

I remember reading somewhere that the purchase was good for up to a year. Is there any way to renew it so I can keep my account for longer than April 2022 and not lose my data? If I lost my data/progress, it would be a very sad day for me.

Thank you

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Hi @aileenrodarte,

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know! We definitely want you to have access as long as you need it, and understand that sometimes life gets in the way. And right now is especially a challenging time for all of us.

As you mentioned, your purchase comes with a year of access, and I’ve just extended it an additional year for free through April 2023. If something comes up and you’re still studying after that and need a third year, we offer a 50% discount to re-buy the course at that time.

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Thank you so much! I appreciate it

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