Practice Exams - Answers already highlighted

When I open the practice exams, the correct answer is already highlighted in blue. Am I missing something?


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Hi @Kristina, welcome!

I took a look at your account to see what’s going on. I think you started a practice exam a while ago when you first purchased the course, clicked through a few questions, but never finished it. The choices highlighted in blue are your selection. After you finish the exam, they’ll turn color and be highlighted green or red depending on if you got it correct.

If you want to just end the exam without answering all the questions to start a new one, that’s totally fine. You can do this by clicking “resume” on the current exam, then click “jump” in the top right corner, then “review” in the bottom right, and then “score this exam”. It sounds like a lot of steps but it’ll be pretty clear when you see it.

If you run into anything else with the platform, please let me know!