Passed the SIE, thanks Achievable! … however

My firm allows just 4 weeks to pass the Series 7. I don’t have a background in Finance and really think it’s simply not enough time to prepare. I’m thinking I’ll keep the SIE in back pocket and study for the 7 on my own timetable, then hope to have another opportunity with some firm down the way. I only get two chances with the 7 & then I could be out in the cold. Right in time for Christmas.


Congrats on your SIE!

Yeah, the stress of passing the Series 7 in a short timeframe is real. And the “two strikes” policy is pretty common across many different firms, but that’s just how the industry works.

Fortunately, we’re here to help and get you that first-take pass :slight_smile:

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That is huge Matt!!! Congratulations, how was it for you?


In retrospect, not easy. But doable.

I had a number of questions that required a process of elimination & some common logic.

All the best -