Passed the SIE last week thanks to Achievable!

Signed up on Jun 18 and took the exam on Jul 22 and passed! Was my first attempt at the SIE - on test day I definitely felt like I could have studied more/longer, but was really eager to get going on my Series 65 studies.

I’m taking Series 65 classes through ExamFx and must say, Achievable has a much better system and I wish you had Series 65 prep. Achievable makes it easy (and free) to review and the video explanations always add more to the textbook and aren’t simply a regurgitation of the textbook (looking at you ExamFx).

So, if anyone is reading this considering ExamFx vs Achievable I’d recommend Achievable 100%

Thanks for the great education guys, keep up the great work!

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Hey @Nick, congrats on passing the SIE! I’m glad that our course was a great fit for you.

We actually are currently working on the 65 & 66 but it’s a lengthy task - building a new course takes at least a few months. I hope you’ll have passed by then, but if you’re looking for additional material in September/October, definitely reach out :slight_smile: