Pass 7 yesterday

I’d like to let you know that I just passed Series 7 this past Saturday Sept 25th. I am one of those who had series 6 and 63 without SIE. I’d like to personally thank Achievable and Brandon for making the concepts so easy to remember. It was a great experience.



Congrats! You put a lot of effort into it :slight_smile:

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Quick question, if I hold 6,7 and 63. Should I take 65 or 66? I know 65 has 130 questions and passing mark 72% vs. 66 has 100 questions but passing mark 73%. So in my mind, it’s a bet that I have more questions to have better bet vs. less questions less suffering… LOL … My superior told me that 66 is more difficult. Please advise.

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Congratulations, @A11! I’m so happy for you!

In my experience, either the Series 65 or 66 will work when you already have the Series 63. However, I recommend talking to your compliance officer at work. There may be a specific component of your role that may require one or the other.

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