New Suitability chapter & practice questions

Hi all,

Some of you may have noticed a new section at the end of the Series 7 program - The Suitability Chapter. The purpose of this material is to consolidate all of the important topics relating to making suitable recommendations, which is typically the most heavily tested portion of the exam. You’ll find six subsections in this chapter:

Product summaries
Provides a high level overview of the BRTI (benefits, risks, and typical investor) of virtually every security you’ll be tested on.

Investment objectives
Discusses and analyzes various investment objectives and recommendations that align with them.

FINRA suitability standards
Explains FINRA’s perspective on suitability and rules they enforce to ensure suitable recommendations are being made to investors.

Investor profiles
Various financial and non-financial considerations are defined, which is an important aspect of creating relevant investor profiles.

Best practices
Offers various best practices when engaging customers and making recommendations.

Test taking skills
I share the skills I utilize when approaching suitability questions, which will help you build a great test taking system for the exam.

In addition, we’ve added over 270 new flashcards and practice test questions to our question bank, all of which relate to suitability. Make sure to pay close attention to the lessons learned in this section, as you will likely see a significant amount of suitability questions on your actual exam. We put this section at the end of the material as a final “booster” to your suitability knowledge.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding this material, feel free to DM me or respond to this post. Thanks for using Achievable!



Thank you guys for this update to the content. I took (and passed) the Series 7 today and the suitability flashcards were definitely of great help!


Great to hear, @Sammy! Congratulations!!!