I Passed the 7 Today!

It was hard. I had been scoring 88 to 93 on practice exams and did most likely 2000 quiz questions. It was hard because they way they worded questions and leaving out terminology.

Thanks to the Achievable crew for there help! 66 is on my horizon!



Congrats Jay, I’m so glad to hear that! :slight_smile:

Wish we had a 66 course ready for you, but our timeline for that feels like it’ll be closer to the end of the year.

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Did you use Achievable for the SIE as well? Would love some tips and tricks for the 7. Congrats!

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Yes I used Achievable for both SIE and 7.

Read a page do the quiz questions. Don’t read to far without doing questions. I learned that the hard way. Do the carry over questions first then read and do the new questions. When you get to options slow down on each page so you don’t get back logged with questions and be sure you understand every bit of the option pages before you move on. Otherwise you will get bogged down with questions.

When doing quiz questions, if you get it wrong or guess read the example always.

I got bogged down on Options cost basics for taxes. I didn’t understand it and it does not make sense. But its accounting and that does not make sense anyways.

When you finish the reading material don’t wait to long to take the exams so look ahead and see how test scheduling booking. I ran into that with the SIE I took it a week later than I wanted to, 7 was not a problem scheduling for me.

I didn’t use any outside material, I really enjoyed studying this way but don’t get behind and when you get to the end of the material the quiz questions will pile up on you.

Good luck!