Having issue with the quiz

When I am trying to take the quiz. I am getting Chapter 1 all over again. I cannot choose which subject i would like to test on

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Hi @Given_copper_bonobo, welcome and thanks for posting!

You can choose the subjects you’d like to test on by clicking on the icon of control sliders in the top right of the quiz start screen.

By default, the system will order the content by your memory retention of the material, but you can always choose what you’d like to study if you want more control.

Achievable is based on the concept of spaced rehearsal, and it’s intended that you see the same questions multiple times over the course of your studying - this helps you remember the information on test day.

We’ve written a section on How Achievable works that covers our system in a little more detail.

Please take a look and let me know if there’s anything else I can answer!