FINRA Practice Exam SIE

Took it, didn’t do well. I thought it was pretty tough tbh.

I’m using Kaplan & Achievable, about half way through Achievable.

Find the questions a bit less tricky here, which type will the exam most likely be. I’m scheduled for the 25th and am a bit nervous after the practice run.

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How have you been doing on your other practice exam scores? If you’re in your final week, taking a lot of practice exams (and carefully reviewing anything missed or guessed) will probably be the best use of your time.

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Keep going! Keep quizzing quizzing quizzing! or just keep taking practice exams!


I read the Kaplan textbook. Passed the “midterm” practice exam.

Took the FINRA, ugh.

Read halfway through the Achievable material (which I enjoy) and scored a 57, twice.

But then I read that others have had the same type of experience so I’m reading the second half of the material now & quizzing as I go.

I hope to finish the material by Friday and then exam out over the weekend.

My plan anyway… :slight_smile:

Yea test is Monday :grimacing:

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Thanks for the encouragement^

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Our review quizzes will be helpful if you missed core information in your Kaplan readthrough, but since you are close to your exam date, I do think it will be most valuable to spend most of your time on practice exams, or reading our chapters on the topics that need the most improvement.

Hang in there and power through - you’re at the finish line!

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My start date has been pushed back, test is now 11/6. Appreciate the guidance. This will give me the opportunity to finish the chapters, and then exam out proper.

Having read through Kaplan once, the Achievable material is really making things click.

Appreciate ya’ll

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