Failed 66 with a 66%😞

I was doing well on achievable, exam readiness was a 96%. I feel like i know the information for the most part, I honestly don’t know where to go from here i’m upset and disappointed. Was also getting 80+ on practice exams on achievable.
During the test I felt fine, which is the worst part.
Any advice?
As a supplement I have also used some STC, watched capital advantage tutoring (Ken) and guru (Dean).

Hi, I’m really sorry to hear that your exam didn’t go as well as you hoped, but thank you for reaching out and letting us know.

I reviewed your account to see if I can offer any recommendations as you prepare for a retake, and a few things stood out. Most importantly, it’s extremely important to carefully review your practice exams after taking them, spending a few hours going over every question that you missed or that you guessed on, and re-reading portions of the textbook if necessary. Without this focused review, you’re likely to just be memorizing the questions/answers instead of solidifying your understanding of the concepts and filling in the gaps in your knowledge. Making mistakes along the way is part of the learning process but the goal is to get these questions right the next time; your high number of repeatedly incorrect “troublesome” questions indicates this might be a core thing to work on.

I also noticed that you’re going through the practice exams quite quickly, often about half the time. Using this time to review your choices can be very helpful, especially if you feel the wording might have thrown you off. One strategy I feel is particularly effective is to approach the question in reverse, starting with the answer you picked, and then confirming it with the question, e.g. “Ok, I picked XX. The question asks YY, does XX still make sense?” It helps mitigate the amount of second-guessing that might occur since you aren’t trying to re-answer the question, but rather to check that you’re confident in your choice or didn’t make any easily-avoidable mistakes with the wording.

I also just replied to your support ticket - if you could follow up there privately with your score report and any additional information I’m happy to see if we can offer any additional specific guidance.

Thank you,